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Error Codes

Table of contents
  1. Overview
  2. Error Codes


As “The Flow” page showed, the AuthenticationResult the uSDK passed as an argument to the AuthenticateCallback may contain information about an error occured during the flow. The error information actually consists of three data elements:

  • errorCode - a string representation of a number error code this page details out further
  • errorDescription - a human readable message that tells what the error is about
  • errorDetails - some low-level details such as an excerpt from a stacktrace etc. This is rather for a developer to help troubleshooting an issue.

Error Codes

Given in most cases the client application will use the errorCode data element to make decisions about the flow this page serves as a reference of the error codes.

Error Code cAPI Server failed…
1001 to find a transaction by its identifier
1002 to lookup ephemeral transaction data
1003 to lookup transaction exchange data it should have received from Merchant Backend
1004 to decrypt a 3DS challenge
1005 to encrypt deviceInfo for given DS
1006 to lookup Directory Server by supportedVersions response received from 3DS Server
1100 to exchange transaction data with Merchant Backend
1101 to deliver transaction result to Merchant Backend
1110 to get supported 3DS versions from 3DS Server for given acctNumber
1111 to deliver the initialial request to the 3DS Server
1112 to get transaction result from the 3DS Server
1120 to conduct challenge exchange with ACS

The uSDK itself may produce the following error(s)

Error Code  
999 a catchall error case as of uSDK 7.1

If there’s an error occured during the 3DS exchange then one of the following error codes can be returned:

Error Code Meaning
101 Message Received Invalid
102 Message Version Number Not Supported
103 Sent Messages Limit Exceeded
201 Required Data Element Missing
202 Critical Message Extension Not Recognised
203 Format of one or more Data Elements is Invalid according to the Specification
204 Duplicate Data Element
301 Transaction ID Not Recognised
302 Data Decryption Failure
303 Access Denied, Invalid Endpoint
304 ISO Code Invalid
305 Transaction Data Not Valid
306 Merchant Category Code (MCC) Not Valid for Payment System
307 Serial Number Not Valid
402 Transaction Timed Out
403 Transient System Failure
404 Permanent System Failure
405 System Connection Failure