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iOS Sample App 6.5

Table of contents
  1. iOS Sample App 6.5
    1. Overview
    3. Configuring the Sample App
      1. Installation
    4. Running the Sample App
    5. Notes
    6. Changelog
      1. 6.5.35 - 2021-11-11


The sample iOS app demonstrates the recommended way of integrating the uSDK as well as invoking its methods. The application requires iOS uSDK version 6.5, you can download the latest release from the corresponding release page.


Version 6.5  
Download link (credentials required) Click here
Release SHA256SUM 217eec0ed08cd522f516b426db3ec74ea9b662ab5f604463efcd580f21d547ea
Version 6.5.35
Last updated at Nov 11, 2021

Configuring the Sample App


  1. Place the uSDK.framework directory into the project directory
  2. In Xcode, click on the project. Then click on the ThreeDS-Sample target. Finally, click on Build Phases.
  3. Expand the Link Binary With Libraries section.
  4. Click the +
  5. Then click Add Other and choose Add Files
  6. Navigate to the uSDK.framework directory
  7. Click Open
  8. Return to Build Phases
  9. Click the + button in the upper right hand corner
  10. Add a new Copy Files Phase
  11. In the Copy Files Phase, in the Destination dropdown, select Frameworks
  12. Press the + in the Copy Files phase
  13. Press Add Other, locate uSDK and click Open

Running the Sample App

  1. Connect your device via USB to your computer.
  2. To run the application press Run button at the top of Xcode.


  1. Please note, if you run the sample backend locally and the mobile application on a physical device, then the URL the app talks to the backend should be a LAN address versus http://localhost


6.5.35 - 2021-11-11

  • Initial release for uSDK 6.5