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Browser Sample App 6.5

Table of contents
  1. Browser Sample App 6.5
    1. Overview
    3. Configuring the Sample App
      1. Referencing the uSDK
      2. Configuring the App
    4. Running the Sample App
    5. Troubleshooting
    6. Changelog
      1. 6.5.11 - 2021-11-11


The sample web app demonstrates the recommended way of integrating the uSDK as well as invoking its methods. The application requires Browser uSDK version 6.5, you can download the latest release from the corresponding release page.


Version 6.5  
Download link (credentials required) Click here
Release SHA256SUM df2679f945ce8c2b1b04052b8606a660d5298664f8ee996f18492aaec68b4789
Version 6.5.11
Last updated at Nov 11, 2021

Configuring the Sample App

Once the latest version of uSDK is downloaded as shown in the Overview section it needs to be referenced in the sample app as well as configured. The following subsections document the topics.

Referencing the uSDK

Open the downloaded .html file in a source code editor, find the following line: <script src="usdk-6.5.XX.js"></script> and modify the src attribute to point to the actual .js file of the uSDK downloaded and placed on a local disk.

Configuring the App

Scroll to the beginning of <script> section, find the following lines, and supply the values for the variables: const licenseKey = ""; Use the license key obtained from mSIGNIA administrators for the licenseKey variable.

All other configuration properties are pre-configured to use the PaySim, so no further configuration is needed.

If some other backend is used, for instance a local one, then make sure to specify its address in the text field in the application.

It is recommended to launch the application against the PaySim to see how the whole implementation works. It can then be changed to use a custom backend or 3DS server.

Running the Sample App

Just drag and drop the .html file in a browser to run the app. At first, the app will initialize the uSDK and make the “Perform Transaction” button available. Once enabled, the button can be clicked to trigger a fully-featured 3DS browser flow.

If the sample backend is used and is connected to mSIGNIA’s 3DS Server, then a default OTP challenge flow will be conducted by the test ACS to demonstrate a full flow.


Below are some common issues that may prevent users from get started efficiently:

  1. Make sure the PaySim can be accessed.
  2. Doublecheck the licenseKey parameter passed to the uSDK
  3. Open browser developer tools and check for any errors it might have reported
  4. Change usdkLogLevel to be DEBUG to see more low-level details for uSDK progress


6.5.11 - 2021-11-11

  • Initial release for uSDK 6.5