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Sample Applications for 6.5 uSDKs

mSIGNIA offers several sample applications to help merchants to get started. In addition to the mobile and web sample applications there’s also a sample backend app that shows how a the backend side of it works - how a 3DS Server is contacted which kicks off a 3DS transaction. The sample backend app can be launched locally (assuming there’s a 3DS Server over there it can be connected to) or the one mSIGNIA has deployed as part of PaySim offering can be used. Contact mSIGNIA administration for getting access to the PaySim.


The applications support 2.1 and 2.2 frictionless and challenge 3DS flows.



For the iOS Sample Application, Cocapods is used to install 3rd party dependencies. To install and use Cocoapods, see here.


The latest version of Android Studio is recommended to launch the Android sample application. Android Studio can be downloaded from here.


This guide assumes that the reader has a basic knowledge of HTML/Javascript and can author a simple web page using the technologies.


uSDK License Key

A valid license key needs to be obtained from mSIGNIA. This key will need to be passed in the sample applications. Contact mSIGNIA administration for getting a license key.

PaySim user account

To perform 3DS transactions the sample applications require a valid PaySim user account - email and password - provided. Please contact mSIGNIA administrator for further instruction on how to enroll in PaySim.

Download uSDK

A uSDK for the sample applications has to be obtained and integrated in the apps. Once downloaded from here see documentation for specific sample application platform - iOS, Android and Browser - about how to integrate and configure it.

Sample Merchant Backend application

The Sample applications require a merchant backend (server-side) application to be available. The backend is responsible for calling a 3DS Server that performs the actual 3DS transactions. mSIGNIA provides a sample merchant backend application to use alongside the Sample Applications either to run locally or use the one within PaySim offerring.

The PaySim merchant backend is available at <>. By default all the sample applications are configured to use that backend URL.

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